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This Blog provides potential to share, collaborate, and move forward in a fast-paced, ever-changing world that we have been assigned to prepare generations of students to live in. If educators cannot remain relevant, they will not remain influential with the very people who should be feeling the effect of their teaching -- their students.

The Ultimate Duty

Posted on 21st Jun 2016 17:02:59

What is my ‘ULTIMATE DUTY’ as a father/mother/teacher/member of society/...........?

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Guide and motivate your kids rather than pushing them to score high!

Posted on 3rd May 2016 09:04:56

As education system is changing rapidly and becoming more competitive and complex everyday, lot of parents expect their child to be on the first position despite of their caliber and interest. Irony is only one student can attain first position and what about others ?? Aren't they good students or good human being. Our expectations of our children's psychological abilities, even more than of their physical abilities, are typically much too high.

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Why attractive female Teachers are required in real learning environment?

Posted on 8th Apr 2016 16:00:22

Being a part of an Education Outsourcing Company we get requirement of teachers and trainers from different part of the world but some requirement really surprise us and I am really worried about that.

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